Workshop - Design Thinking


¡Te ayudo a crecer!

A MÍ SÍ ME TOCA® con Design Thinking aplicado, mejora temas de colaboración, comunicación, confianza, autonomía y toma de decisiones.

Cuatro productivas horas, llenas de CREATIVIDAD de las que obtendrás:

  • Conocimiento de la Metodología Design Thinking

  • Una solución accionable para tu problema más crítico de Cultura Empresarial.



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What results with I get with the Workshop?

- An improvement in COMMUNICATION between coworkers. - Immediate action ideas for improving processes/communication/ key culture issues. - Knowledge about the Design Thinking methodology for generating value and innovation. - It can be the starting point for changes in the organization, kick offs, project starters, and so on. (We organize and design the workshop according to your goals). - Organizational Culture diagnostics. - Key issue detection. - Actionable recommendations.

Why talk about Design Thinking and Business Culture?

Design Thinking is not a "trending" methodology. Design Thinking is a methodology for innovation and problem-solving. The difference with other methodologies is that it is user-centered. The process begins with empathy and understanding people. In BREINstorm we manage creativity in order for you to be able to innovate, but creativity is a resource you have to foster and channel. A good environment of trust, communication and collaboration allows for creativity to flow. Culture is something you have to work on day by day, and in the long run in becomes an investment. Start by learning the methodology!

What is Design Thinking?

It's a methodology designers use to innovate. It was first invented in the 70's at Stanford University and later at IDEO, one of the most important innovation agencies worldwide, which used it for profit. Design Thinking allows use to solve problems from a different perspective, putting the results aside and focusing on the process, which parts from people's needs, brainstorming sessions, prototypes and tests.


After years of consulting experience, our team agrees that one of the greatest and most common ills companies show is that famous "that's not my job" attitude. That shows a lack of interest and commitment towards the organization. We have designed this unique workshop that kickstarts organizational transformation by generating empathy, communication and proactivity among its members.

It is a guide towards a better work environment within the organization by fostering comradery and trust, in order for people to generate new ideas and solutions.

How can I apply this to my company?

"I AM PART OF THE GAME" can be adapted to your needs, goals and issues to solve. Together with you, we will plan a program that starts with this workshop. The workshop serves as a starting point in order to diagnose your company. We will report key points and actionable ideas. For more information, reach us via WhatsApp at 55 72 06 60 40 or write to

What does the workshop include?

  • Personal or online interview in order to get to know your company so that your people can get better results from the workshop.
  • Invitaion poster (save the date).
  • Introduction to the Design Thinking methodology.
  • Dinamics to understand the Design Thinking process.
  • 4 concrete work hours.
  • Imparted by trainers certified for executive levels (two people).
  • Didactic materials (post its, cardboards, foamies, markers, paper, scissors, etc).
  • Work notebook for each participant.
  • Coffee ​b​reak (in case the workshop takes place at our facilities).
  • Basic diagnosis for your company.

Will I get any followup?

The workshop includes diagnosis with actionable recommendations. Later followup is planned and budgeted separately, depending on your needs. For more information, reach us at

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